Wk. 15- Art Experience- Finger Painting

Well I have to say I was kind of interested to try this experience. That is until I saw the colors the art store decided to foist upon me. A vivid yellow paired with an almost black shade of purple, along with white. But the paper is white. I got essentially two colors that are nothing like ones I usually gravitate towards. So my initial experience wasn’t that great. I quickly realized that there was a very small amount of paint given to us, so I practiced spreading the yellow paint into thin lines first. I didn’t have a picture in mind, which was the idea, but it ended up looking like tree branches. So when I brought in the purple I started making cloud-like shapes at the top like leaves. I liked working with the purple because I found that since I had to spread it so thinly it ended up looking like light charcoal. I even was able to use the white to spot over the purple. Making the piece was about as difficult as I expected. The difficulty more came from both the unpalatable colors along with the small amount of them. It forced me to improvise, which did lead to me finding that the purple made a nice hue when spread lightly. As for not using a brush, that was also a bit difficult. I work with paint on occasion with brushes, and found my fingers hard to use because they do not soak up paint (understandably). So I would get a nice blob of paint on my finger and try to spread it around and instead find that most of the paint had gone to the sides of my finger. I would just have to keep getting more paint, and it was rather frustrating. As for the abstract part, I can’t say that it was easy. Abstract art just goes so against the kind of art that I most love to create. Most of my pieces do not perfectly convey reality, but I still strive to make them semi-realistic or at least representational. My style also relies heavily on clearly defined lines and careful details. This was a different experience to say the least, and I can’t say I immediately got anything out of it. I always support trying new styles so you know what you like and what you can do. But from this experience it still isn’t my favorite. It isn’t yet and may not be something I find enjoyment in. As for how this experience is similar to the graffiti writing project I suppose they are both similar because I feel they both require a bit more emotion than some art pieces. Also with both I felt a little more connected to my art work. In the graffiti writing project I had to put my whole body into the piece. And in the finger painting activity, I used my hand directly to create my art piece.  Both techniques brought me closer emotionally to my art work. Though that didn’t necessarily mean I was more impressed with the end result. For me the two are different because I feel with graffiti writing I had a lot more control over my piece, while with abstract finger painting I could have done anything. As for the two being used to create visual experiences I would assume for others, I think they are fairly similar because both must use emotion to be created and that emotion comes through in color choice, style, and size. Both can be used to make immediate and bold statements if desired, though graffiti I feel might be better at this because it is more specific. However, abstract finger painting might be better for sharing a specific feeling. For instance, if you finger pained a whole room in somber blues or energizing yellows, an observer might feel that emotion more completely than if they were to see a smaller graffiti work. It was an interesting exercise to compare the two works, though I still find I favor  graffiti writing for my own artwork.

-Hannah Adams


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