Wk. 14- Art Activity- Instagram

This was my first time ever trying the social media site Instagram. I’m usually not that into social media; I don’t have a Twitter or Snapchat, and only occasionally use Facebook. So I was intrigued to start using Instagram. It was pretty enjoyable to post pictures and chose ones that were important to my day. I really liked looking at every one’s pictures at the end of the day though. It was neat to see how their choices reflected mine, and how beautiful some of the pictures were. I was pleased to see quite a few pictures from Chemistry and Bio labs after a bit of searching. I also saw a strong theme of Christmas in the page of group photos. I too took some pictures of my decorations, as well a my stuffed animal cat, Jiji, in a Santa hat. There was a strong theme of food as well, which I am more ambivalent about. I know some people hate seeing people’s food on their screen over and over, but I didn’t mind. Food is such an important part of our life and culture that it’s kind of neat to see what you choose. I wasn’t that surprised by any posts, though. There were a number I enjoyed because they were either taken well, or because they were of things I felt close to like libraries, school, pets, Christmas, or labs. As for if it felt like I was part of some community I have to say no. It was interesting to see such a large group all posting from different corners of Instagram for the day. But it didn’t make me feel really close to my peers. Pictures are fun to see and all, but they don’t make me feel all that much more connected to a large group. Maybe that is just who I am. I get very close to a very small number of people. So becoming slightly connected to a huge group just isn’t my style. I feel like there were a few people who are similar to me though. Maybe I can get to know just a few people better in the future.

-Hannah Adams


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