Wk. 14- Classmate Conversation- Esmeray Lopez

This week was a very enjoyable class. I had the pleasure of meeting Esmeray Lopez, and we were able to spend the period talking and drawing our ID cards together. Esmeray is a 3rd year political science major. She has set her sights on law school. When she has finished this no doubt rigorous field, she hopes to to go into criminal justice. But while law is her career choice, it isn’t her passion in her free time.If she knew she could follow any dream career path though, Esmeray would love to be a surgeon working with cancer patients. She told me about a documentary on a woman who had a tumor that spread over her entire face that a talented surgeon removed. She said she would love to bring about that kind of change in other’s lives. Beyond her dreams, Esmeray is already a talented individual. She is currently a skilled make-up artist. She works hard to get perfect blends and colors. But Esmeray’s talent can go beyond simple beauty. She also is quite good at make-up for costumes. Generally she enjoys anything with a slightly sci-fi theme. This Halloween she did her own makeup and managed to pull off transforming herself into an open-heart surgery patient. Quite a feat. We also shared some of our childhood hobbies. Esmeray told me about her obsession with the slot machine stickers. The ones that cost nearly a dollar and were outside all the major grocery stores. I found it funny though that she never actually stuck them on anything. Instead she would just hoard them in sticker books and occasionally look through them. As a young adult she has matured in her collections. Right now she collects CDs in all different genres of music. She hasn’t settled on a particular one as of yet. She also enjoys school, and told me her favorite class is actually Art 110. She likes the break from solid memorization, and the chance to express herself in a meaningful and creative way. College itself though has taught her some important life lessons. Esmeray says she has learned how to enjoy being alone. In high school you were frowned on for eating alone or studying by yourself. But in college there is no such pressure to always be with friends. She says she has learned to enjoy her own company and has had fun exploring the campus. As for this week’s question, predicting what the college experience will be like for a student in 2036, Esmeray has a well thought out answer. She thought that face to face interaction would be come less and less common. Instead universities would favor online and hybrid classes more and more. To both compensate for more students and  to cut down on costs. Online classes still can’t replace many classes like labs, but I too see a movement in this direction. Whether it will be for the better or worse remains to be seen. I was pleased to have this infromative conversation with my classmate, Esmeray Lopez, and if you want to know more about her, check out her website at


-Hannah Adams



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