Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Daniel Puentes

I got to meet two really neat people this week. During class we all had the pleasure of hearing a presentation by the Vlogger Carla Dauden which was an amazing and insightful experience. We also had individual conversations with a classmate, and I was able to meet Daniel Puentes. Daniel is a tall but quiet Junior in Mechanical Engineering. He chose the major because he has always had a love for fixing things. Originally he had his heart set on being a car mechanic. However his parents were less than enthusiastic about him getting anything lower than a Bachelor’s Degree. So he went with the major that would be more likely to pay the bills. Daniel still hasn’t lost his love for cars, however. He is always striving to understand how they work. Daniel also enjoys seeing cars in action in events like racing. He is going to Mexico to watch an off-road event over break. In the theme of our visiting artist, I asked Daniel if he was to make a Vlog about anything, what topic would he choose. He couldn’t think pf any specifics, but thought some kind of social commentary would be nice with a good mix of humor. Though Daniel enjoys art, he has never had any experiences with it in the class. Interestingly though, when I asked what he would dream about doing as long as knew he would never fail, he said he would love to be a sculptor. As for the Matrix based question of the week. Daniel believes that he would want to know if the world is real or not. For him knowledge is more important than comfort, so even if it would bother him, Daniel would still rather know the truth. An overall interesting person to meet, and I hope everyone gets the chance to talk with him in the future.

Check out his website at:




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