Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Linda Nguyen

I had the pleasure of meeting a classmate I hadn’t talked to yet named Linda Nguyen. We sat in the nice bit of shade in the SOA galleries. It seemed like we shared a little bit of everything with each other, but first, some basics about Linda. She is currently a sophomore in the Biology program, but hopes to soon switch to Bio Health. Linda would love to be an orthodontist or a physicians assistant. Though these are quite different fields, she said she has a passion for both because they are both involved with helping others. She would love to see people who have braces smile confidently, instead of hiding their teeth. Linda admits a physicians assistant may be an emotionally challenging job, since she would need to be able to be alright with the idea of losing patients. Like me,Linda is a science lover. It’s currently her favorite subject because she likes that there is a decidedly wrong and right answer. She told me that though she did well in her English classes, she never felt comfortable in them. Linda found there were too many ways to interpret writing, and none of them were necessarily right.In science there is always one right answer, whether it be the best way to get the greatest yield or whether a bacteria is gram negative or positive, there is no gray area. Though Linda enjoys the topic of science, it hasn’t affected her hobbies. She most enjoys spending time with her friends, and when she is alone she enjoys watching Korean dramas. We actually had quite a discussion about the difference between a Korean and American dramas. Linda has seen many and she told me about how much more conservative they are than in America. There are few scandalous scenes which she enjoys since she was raised Catholic. She likes how sweet the love stories are though they can be a bit cliche. As for the question of the week, Linda had a decided opinion on fan art, or more so on people’s reactions to it. She believes that art, like speech, shouldn’t be regulated. That it is an artists right to draw what they feel is important. Linda also believes that in the case of celebrities, perhaps they could be more appreciative of fan art that is made of them, instead of criticizing. She believes if an artist, even one of little talent, takes the time to draw you, then you should at least not be unkind. It was great being able to meet with Linda this week and hear so much about her. If you want to learn more about her as well, check out her website, Linda’s Universe, at:




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