Wk. 9- Art Care Package- Ramiro Gaytan

I got to have the entertaining experience this week of creating something and actually sending it through the mail. I was intrigued when I heard about these “art care packages” and I didn’t initially know what they were going to be about. I did decide early on who I was going to send my envelope of art to though; my boyfriend Ramiro. It’s really quite funny that I have known him since high school, been dating him for a year and five months, and yet have never sent him a single paper letter. I literally had to text and ask his apartment address because despite visiting many times, I never actually knew his full address. Creating the art care package was much easier, and actually quite enjoyable. I loved thinking of all the funny little things I know about my boyfriend. I made one “picture” just a bunch of sayings that my boyfriend has. I liked making so many small works of are. I’m so used to making a single piece that often takes up a whole page. It was fun to worry less about making one perfect piece, and instead get to explore many different ideas with lots of smaller pieces. (1) As for the question how an ACP is similar to sending a Snapchat, I’ve never actually sent a Snapchat. I know kind of what it is, so I suppose it is similar because both share many short messages using primarily pictures. (2) It would be different because Snapchat is much faster and uses the medium of photography. An ACP takes much more time if you are drawing most of what you are sending, the message goes through physical mail, and what you receive lasts longer. (3) As for ephemera I am much more of the belief that it is precious. I literally have an entire journal dedicated to nothing but old movie tickets, important receipts, and other pieces of paper from things I want to remember in life. One of my favorite scraps I have came from an old purse my grandma gave me. It had a receipt from just 3 months before I was born for blueberries and cards at Mother’s Market. It seems unimportant, but I find it fascinating to know what my grandmother was doing on an exact day just months before my own birth. (4) I think the intended audience of a piece of art changes what the art is going to be like. Art in a museum is meant to carry a message that can be felt by many. It has to have a much broader message. An ACP can be much more specific. The art can have inside jokes and messages only the recipient could understand. (5) I really think that the extra time and effort spent in something like an ACP gives it more value. It isn’t something you can really spend less than a minute on. I believe this fact makes it more valuable. In a way faster is better because with so little time, sometimes a quick message is all one has time for. But slower has its benefits as well, because it means you really care about a person because you are willing to use precious time on a project for them. (6) I think preparing a meal with love takes more time because the love is the effort you put into the meal, and effort takes time. This is the same principle with the ACP. It has greater love because it took more effort. Overall a fun project, and a nice way to show your affection for someone.

-Hannah Adams

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