Wk 8: Classmate Conversation: Roxana Chavez

This week I got to resume classmate conversations with a peer I hadn’t met, but am glad I had the opportunity to: Roxana. It was interesting how we met. I had terribly miscalculated the time it would take to get to the Japanese Gardens, and I ended up being almost a half hour early. Well, luckily for me, Roxana made the same mistake, so we decided to make the most of it and have our classmate conversation with the extra time. We shared Choco Pockys as we compared answers to the questions of the week and learned a lot about each other. Roxana comes from Carson, so we both have brave the traffic to commute to CSULB each day. She is also a Sophomore in the Healthcare Administration major. She has a great desire to help others, but less on the physical side, which is why she decided against Nursing. Roxana is also close to her family, and often travels to Mexico to visit her family in the state of Michoacan. We had a good time talking about Michoacan, since my boyfriend, Ramiro, travels there every year to visit his own family. She loves cold weather, and we both talked about how cold and rainy Michoacan gets in the summer. And how lovely and green it is. Roxana has many hobbies as well. She is more adventorous than I, and often tries new things like ice skating or restaurant she has never been to. We both enjoy reading, though she most enjoys romance and mystery genres, while I’m more into sci-fi. Roxana and I both adore cats though. Roxana told me the touching story of how she found her cat as a tiny kitten crying in her driveway. She begged her dad to let her take care of it. He agreed and he took her to the pet store to buy all of the supplies. As for the questions of the week, Roxana thought of her family first. When asked what piece of art she would want most to share with the world, she told me it would be a portrait of her great grandparents. She believes their history is important because they fought in the Mexican Revolutionary war. For the next question, I asked if she would support her child if he or she decided to pursue an art career. Roxana told me she would, and went on to share the story of how her niece was an amazing artist as a girl, but no one could afford to send her to art school. So her niece went into beauty and cosmetics instead, only able to do her art in her free time. Roxana would want her child to do what they want to, especially if their dream is an art career. As for if we share any similar apps, the answer is no. We don’t even have the same operating system. But at least we both have smartphones. They are rather indispensable in today’s world, but every one manages to make their phone their own. Overall, I had a wonderful time meeting Roxana, and I’m sure we will talk more in the future.

Check out her website at: https://roxannnechav.wordpress.com/

-Hannah Adams


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