Wk 6- Art Experience- Zines

As soon as I heard there was an option to make zines came up with many ideas. I thought of comics, and Halloween themes, and so many others. Eventually I settled on dinosaurs. I have been in love with dinosaurs my whole life. My mother always groaned when my birthday would come around, because I would inevitably ask for a dinosaur themed party, which she always gave me for 12 long years. I like to include a little humor in my works, so for my book, I made scenes as if dinosaurs had never gone extinct, and as if they lived their lives like any ordinary citizen. It was a really fun project. What I love about zines is how easy they are to make. But they have room for so much creativity. They don’t have to have words, just pictures. And they can still be a complete work. I will certainly enjoy working with zines in the future.

-Hannah Adams

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