Wk 5- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing was a project I never expected to take so much interest in. I thought the simple act of writing my name in a unique way would hardly interest me artistically. I’ve never used spray paint, or practiced the art of graffiti writing, so I didn’t know that I was really going to enjoy it. The scale of my art work I deal with is measured in centimeters. I use pens with a width no more than 0.25 mm. I have always prided myself on the detail of my pieces, so this project was quite a change for me. But I found it was exhilarating to work on a piece so much larger and rougher than my standard works. I could put my whole body into this picture, instead of just the smallest muscles of my hand. I had to make my piece unique, though. So I included a simple dragon head and wing around my piece to frame it. I hope I get the opportunity to do art on a large scale again since this project was so successful.

-Hannah Adams


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