Wk 4- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

This week the project was Automatic Drawing. To be honest I didn’t originally think I would enjoy the process. I am very traditional in what I like in artwork. For me, when I want to make a drawing it is always of something specific. It is of a feather or a tree or a virus. I never found interest in abstract art. My boyfriend Ramiro, whom I did the project with, feels the same way. His favorite works are generally landscapes, but he appreciates anything realistic and true-to-life. So I didn’t know what he or I would make of this project. It was an interesting experience since it had no planning before hand. It was also unique because it was done with the both of us together, while a traditional picture only has one artist. It was actually a bit awkward to do this project with my boyfriend because of the size difference. He is six feet tall while I am only 4’9″, and his hands completely dwarfed mine. He is much stronger too, so he had to hold the pencil gently to ensure we both were adding to the drawing equally. It was a fun experience, though I think I got more out of it than Ramiro. It was fun getting to push and pull, swirl and streak the pencil where ever we felt it should go. It wasn’t like anything I had done before. And it was nice doing it with Ramiro. We have always been close since we have known each other since Highschool, but this was a nice way to connect that I never would have done if not for this project. After it was done, we didn’t think much of the end results. It just looked like scribbles and lines to us, though we had some fun trying to pick objects out of the mess. I ended up seeing a Toucan, while Ramiro saw a duck. I think this project is less about what you get out of it, and more about the experience of doing it. It is a fun way to pass a few minutes of time, or to forge a deeper connection with someone you love. I may do this again in the future.

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