Wk3- Classmate Conversation- Nhi Truong

Today I was able to learn a bit about my classmate, Nhi Truong in the beautiful CSULB art galleries. Her major is currently Pre-Nursing and she is a sophomore. Right now she is very busy with her studies, so free time is scarce. But when she can get a moment to herself she spends it touring the various food trucks and Mexican restaurants that LA has to offer. Her favorite finds are the ever-present taco trucks. As for music, Nhi generally finds the radio suitable, though she does enjoy some older bands. At home, Nhi likes to watch the seemingly never-ending TV show Supernatural. Though she admits it has been hard to keep up after the 5th season.

Nhi is not fully inexperienced in the world of art. In High school she took a computer graphics class that was enjoyable. But Nhi was most interested in her Photoshop class. Her style of art employs the use of cameras and computers more than pencils and papers.

There was no specific question of the week, but that did not stop us. We came up with our own, and it was “Do you find art important in your studies?” Nhi considers it so. As a student of the medical sciences, Nhi can often find the endless facts, procedures, and cycles tiresome. She finds the art classes in her schedule a welcome break to use her creativity. So to her, art classes are an important addition to her science ones.

-Hannah Adamsclassmate-conversation-1


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