Landscapes with a Corpse Project

I had a lot of ideas before doing this project. As a biology student the idea of a killer disease was intriguing, but unfortunately my lab coat, goggles, and flasks were all in my lab room which is strictly off-limits after class. So plan two was a car wreck. I figured I would do it at night. I would have car headlights on a prone figure in the foreground with a bicycle in the mid-ground. However, I decided I wanted to be able to show a bit more color in my picture. Also I had this cool bright red dress I wanted to use that didn’t really fit with the bicycle. So my final option was to use the stairs at my house and have me at the bottom. I left the hall light on, but turned off the downstairs lights to give it some nice shadows. In the first picture I wanted to show a few more of the stairs, but the trade-off was that the picture was too dark, so it was closer up. In the second picture I did it from a different angle. I tried to get my hand holding the locket the clearest. The picture ended up a bit blurry since it was dark, but my brother got the best picture he could with his camera. I wanted to show two different figure-ground relationships. Overall a strange but unique project. I had fun coming up with ideas the most. It was an interesting experience to be able to visualize your own death for the one time you actually get to walk away from it.

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