Classmate Conversation 2: Adrian Munoz

I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Munoz this Wednesday in my Art 110 class. He is a Junior, and his major is Biology like me. He hopes to one day become a surgeon because he told me it sounds like an interesting career. It will certainly keep him on his toes! As for his hobbies, Adrian likes to stay in shape by running. This is also where he listens to his favorite music: EDM and Hip Hop. When not running, he enjoys relaxing to an episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. He might watch with a bowl of his favorite food, pasta with marinara sauce. But if he could take any vacation, it wouldn’t be to Italy. Instead he would go to any beach or warm island. We also discussed Adrian’s previous experiences with art. Since his only one seems to be High School ceramics, I hope this class is a great new experience. However, Alex has strong opinions about the importance of art in today’s world. He believes it is an indispensable tool for educating people about current problems. In the information age, he believes that art is one of the quickest ways to communicate information.  Adrian Munoz

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