Classmate Conversation: Tina Nguyen

For my Classmate Conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Tina Nguyen. She is a Biochem Major who comes from Garden Grove, California. Her diverse hobbies include baking (I wish I could do this!) and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. Her favorite currently is “Gray’s Anatomy”. In response to the question “What is art?”, Tina takes an interesting approach to this question. She believes that art can be nearly anything. Instead of being something created by human hands, she believes that art is anything humans can appreciate. Even something from nature like a rainbow that humans enjoy can be considered art. Some last points you may want to know about Tina are that her favorite color is purple and her favorite animal is the dolphin. Hope you have enjoyed learning about Tina. Be sure to say Hi to her if you meet her!

-Hannah AdamsIMG_20160824_141620648[1]

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